Dont worry this error will be fixed soon enough !! 🙂

free-antivirusOk Soo my good fortune has led me into a treasure of many many many Antivirus Activators !!! Since i dont put any spam or anything bad over here i am going to personally test all of them and give unto your hands the best and working ones 🙂 Yes i know thatll take a lot of time but Hey.. The outcome of patience is sweet.

So here are the list of antivirus i am going to give you the full version of..

All of them will be tested in Windows Environment in 64 BIt version. dont worry i have a spare 32 bit version for other tests So stay Tuned…




Kaspersky Antivirus/Pure 2.0 All version activator



Bitdefender 2013 Total security and Internet Security(My favourite)



Avast Antivirus professional Edition

And at last antivirupd4

Esset NOD Internet/Smart Security

These are the best Antiviruses in town and now i have had success on 2 of them and 7 faliures after updating. Overall the outcome is good. If you want your antivirus to be added to this list PLease Do soo by comenting below. 🙂


Well to begin with i havent really wrote on my blog for many days,,,,,,….. So here am i at your service writing this post. Note: This is an update to the file posted here. So this is the full version of Wonder Share PDF Password Remover. Its really easy you know With this handy little software you can just remove the password from a password protected file within a minute in extreme cases 🙂 Yes i know thats fast but well thats a actual spped of this software to unlock Pdf with protected passwords. In full version(Which i am giving to you) you can unlock several PDF’s at one time. so lets start….

1. Download the file here(DONT EXTRACT IT NOW)

2. Switch off your antivirus and then continue to step three.

3. extract it and you’ll get two files- 1.The crack and 2. the setup file .

4. Please dont click on the crack untill you have installed the software then double click on the crack/Keygen file and click on generate>

5. open wondershare Password remover which you just installed and then Register your product with the information provided by the keygen.



AND Its Done


Till date the best adblocker is for chrome and that is adblock. If you still dont have adblock then download it right away. But did you know that with the help of adblock you can block things from loading that are REALLY VERY ANNOYING like the popup in the screen or take my site for example the lower popup to suscribe.


So just for example ill show the trick to you by testing it on my site.

First go to the page and right click on what you dont want to load.adblock2

after clicking a slider with popup ust keep on dragging the slider until the page element becomes invisible to an extentadblock3

thats it now on when u load my site this wont come. 🙂

Other examples are.. these annoying share buttons !!!!adblock4

Soo thats all

hope you like and share my site with your friends 🙂

paypal2Ok So when i said verify paypal account within 6 minutes i said YES Within 6 Mins- Time me if you want to!!

So let me first bore you with my story..

I had a bank account which was not connected to a paypal account somewhat back in December. So i decided to make a paypal account which i couldn’t verify. Now thats really not my problem cause not all indian banks show the amount of INR 0.3 and all that in your passbook. But until yesterday(When i really needed paypal) i did not know any other way to activate my account. But now i know so i share it to you guys…

So firstly go and login to your Paypal accout paypal

Then you may have the sin telling that you are not verified at the rith of your screen.. but not for long.

So for this trick to work we need certain things

1. A credit card or a debit card

2. A mobile which is connected to your Account(Meaning any transactions made are notified to you through the mobile phone)

3. A brain that works in nice conditions 😛

So lets start.. NOTE: This tutorial i gave to is based on INR and not USD or any other currency notes.

1. Go to your paypal account and click on profile>Add/Edit credit card


ok so here you can add not only credit card but also debit cards of any sort but there will always be one difference

A) If debit card you will not be able to add any funds. The money will automatically be deducted from your debit card,

B) If you register a credit card you can add funds to your Paypal account directly.

Sooo.. getting back

For this trick i used ICICI debit card though you may use any other card. it really dosent matter(I registered my Federal bank account in paypal and an ICICI debit card :P)+This acrd is not mine just a replicate OK


Now go to add credit cards and select the type of your card…..Indians mostly have mastercard or Visa


Fill in the details and wait for 20 seconds.. Ull get a message telling that you have added your credit/debit card to your paypal account on your email and and a mobile message telling

“Dear Customer you have made a debit card purchase of INR 1.03 as of 19th of August. Info:Vin*PAYPAL”

So your bank has accepted your request for paypal but still paypal hasnt verified you right ??

Refresh the page now login again and then just click on buttons which show up telling you to verify your account(your debit card or credit card)

Now this is just a click process after which they will charge you INR 113.02 and give you a code in your mobile like this

“Dear Customer you have made a debit card purchase of INR 113.02 as of 19th of August. Info:Vin*pp*Code*

CODE: this is the code which is required to actually activate your Paypal account and your debit card

AND THATS IT 6 Mins Huh dont know who much it’l take for you.. SO


Linuxlive1This download is available for both the linux and Windows users. Its a wonderfull software that is a freeware and can burn ISO images to both the DVD and the USB. Downloading and installation is very easy so i wont go into that!… After you have done it Just iopen it like this


SO just for the test i will be using Windows 8 Enterprice ISO image(Dont worry ill be posting on this very soon).

So the first step is to format the pendrive or your WR DVD.livelinux3

Next choose a ISO image file


After choosing you will get something like this which is to check the file for errors


After all this select your preferable options and then click on the Lightning icon like shown in this imagelivelinux6

This can take a while but after that Voila, its finished and Bootable.





opps i forgot.. download it here

hacking-bookIts been a long time since i have posted some thing. So today i introduce to you a few HACKING Ebooks that i have found here and there in THE Web.In this collection there are altogether 4 ebooks which i have appended in one file to download. All my downloads from now onwards will have mirrors cause most of them get deleted by the host providers. So if any one of the book fancies you you are free to download them.



Whats included in this Ebook– 2. What is a hacker
Hacker Hierarchy
What does it take to become a hacker?
Password Cracking
Port Scanning
Banner Grabbing
Searching for Vulnerabilities
Cracking Windows Passwords AND MORE………


The Trojan Horse HAcks

Email Hacking Un-Safe Websites


Tips & Tricks And More………..



Well you migh have guessed whats in it but still for some people…

In this ebook you get tutorials on how to hack email accounts using various ways.

And the last


There are lots of things in this ebook to read and now i am really very tired to write all this.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: In the the last ebook”Art of exploitation” there is one readme file !! Well ignore that file cause that has the survey list from where i downoaded these files FOR YOU GUYS.

SOoo Happy HAcking